BODYX Cotton Face Masks

Presenting Men and Women Comfortable, washable, Reusable, Two Layer, Stretchable Cotton Face Masks in Printed and Solid Colors


Bestselling Women Lingerie - Designed keeping comfort and quality in mind


Wear Your Sport - Men and Women Sportswear


Men Undergarments - Trunks-Briefs-Vests-Boxers - Seriously X Rated

BodyX Face Masks

Face Masks by BodyX for Men and Women in Comfortable Cotton.

Bodycare Women Innerwear

Our women innerwear range includes Bra's, Panties, Camisoles, Shapewear, Maternity and Period Panties

BodyX Men Innerwear

Our men undergarments include Vests, briefs, Trunks and Boxers in Combed Cotton for day long comfort.

Bodyactive Sportwear

Men and Women Sportswear including Trackpants, T-shirts, Capris and Shorts

About Us  


The ‘body’ is the physical representation of humans. It is the basic form in which we are born, take shape in, grow and reach out for achievements. It is the body that stretches, exercises and relaxes to soothe the mind. Man has tested the endurance of his body through varied methods. Be it speed to beat, or heights to conquer, this vessel of humanity has been pushed to master its environment. This vessel of the ultimate human expression is what we seek to enhance with our products. While we enhance, we also provide comfort and support so that every human can strut with confidence and be proud of their body.

This is why we have chosen ‘Body’ to be the core of our brand personality; because, we create products that define and celebrate the human body. We are committed to the goal of uplifting and rejoicing the human body with each of our creations. The human body would continue to be the centre of all our future ventures and activities from this day forward; to make merry its form and honor its smooth definitions with every stitch and square inch of fabric. The brand name ‘BodyCare’ represents soft, lusciousness with the goal of taking care of the Body. As we celebrate the human ‘body’, it is done with ‘care’. Care is taken in the selection of fabrics and the technology used. It is woven to embrace a woman's body and supply it with the Care needed to make her feel special.

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